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Some people like to take a design and start from the beginning. From cutting out the building molds, setting up the building frame, laminating the stem and setting up the keelson you can quickly see your dream boat come alive. Maybe due to confidence or tight time constraints others opt for a pre cut kit. This will save you time and ensure a very accurate end result, and don't worry you'll still get heckled at the boat ramp for having a lovely wooden boat!

Technical advice comes with the territory. If you choose to purchase through us we are available during business hours for phone or email support. It's more than likely that the boat your building we've already built it and figured out any tips along the way. Don't be put off in building your dream, enjoy the adventure and we'll be here if you get stuck.

Check Below For Currently Available Designs

Gecko Canoes- 3 Sizes - Available Now!

The Gecko range of canoes are a lightweight entry level, cost effective way of getting home builders into wooden boat building. The Gecko’s have 4 planks per a side and are an open style canoe designed with comfort and stability in mind but not at the expense of aesthetics.

The hulls has a slight vee amidships that tapers off to a fine entry either end, giving great directional stability. Developed with the aid of specialty computer based software the Gecko canoes are not only the most accurate design on the market but also the most cost effective.