Duck Flat Wooden Boats is a skilled team of people who run an efficient, modern wooden boat construction business.

Duck Flat Wooden Boats is a small, family owned business. But it is driven by more than that.

In a world of mass produced, accountant driven design and build philosophy, there is a yearning for hand made objects of lasting worth that reflect a real marriage of form and function. For us, the best expression of this is in the properly considered new or restored wooden boat, sailing the waters of your dreams.


We have, after 30 years, never been busier. Our clients from all over the world, the designers and suppliers who work with us and the 5 passionate staff who seem drawn here, share that vision.

In addition to building boats using modern methods we deal in learning exchange, teaching programmes, materials, supply, world wide plans agency and many other things.

We have helped and continue to help a lot of people realize their dreams of owning their own wooden boat. I look out into the workshop from where we write and see maybe twenty boats in various stages of build and rebuild. We also see a team of very committed people: Pat Reece, David Wilson, Phil Myers, Paul Reece, Lachlan Wauchope and Di Leatham. Together we have a combined experience to turn your dreams into reality.

In our shop we see some of our clients checking the book rack, or the back issues of WoodenBoat or Multihulls Magazine. And then we think, THIS is our business. Our business is ALL of the people who make it. It is a wonderful thing to be a part of. We invite you to be a part of the family that is Duck Flat Wooden Boats.

Welcome to our world. Our world of wooden boats.

And thank you for visiting us.